TV Credits / Documentary Films

  1. ‘Hard Talk’ BBC News 24

  2. ‘Saville Row’ BBC2

  3. ‘This is Your Life’ ITV

  1. Adventurer & Motivational Speaker

Motivational Talks & Workshops

  1. London Business School

  2. EY (Ernst & Young)

  3. Shenandoah University, Virginia USA

  4. North Virginia Chamber of Commerce

  5. University of Virginia, USA

  6. St Clare’s Oxford, UK

  7. Dyson

  8. Unilever

  9. Virgin Atlantic

  10. Cisco

  11. The Royal Marsden Hospital London

  12. IBM

  13. Nord Anglia International School, Dubai


  1. ‘Weapons and Tactics’ (with Tom Wintringham)


Radio Credits

  1. ‘Desert Island Discs’ BBC Radio 4

  2. ‘Today’ BBC Radio 4

  3. ‘John Dunn Show’ BBC Radio 2

Press Credits

  1. The Times

  2. Daily and Sunday Telegraph

  3. The Guardian

  4. The Daily Mail

  5. The Daily Express

  6. Evening Standard

  7. The Observer 

  8. The Geographical Magazine

  9. The Traveller

Territory Mapping

Anthony has inspired and entertained people around the globe with his talks and workshops covering leadership and problem solving. Through the visual medium of territory mapping, businesses are encouraged to draw how they conceive the risks, returns, threats and opportunities which face their organisation.

He has worked with leadership teams from global organisations such as Ferrari, Dyson, and Virgin as well as with successful individuals such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

Anthony believes that implementing a nomad approach to business might be the answer to ‘navigating our way out of unchartered territory’.

Founder of The Nomadic Business School, Anthony has numerous and engaging stories of his time with nomad tribes in Africa and Western Mongolia – indigenous communities where no one person is the leader and at the centre is trust.

Testimonials & Endorsements

The Nomadic School of Business enabled our team to fundamentally reappraise what it was they were trying to do and how best to achieve their goals... Honestly, such gems you could not make it up, some of the information is priceless. It’s like mining gold.”

Matthew Broadway, Group Commercial Director of Dyson

The great value of process was that it gave people who know each other quite well the opportunity to look at the issues through a different lens. I found the mapping process in particular really short circuited the conversation and got to honesty much quicker.

Nick Kitchen, Global HR Manager IT, Unilever

“The Territory Mapping technique helped us formulate our strategic plan for the year. I found it an effective way to get the whole team contributing ideas. We later used our map to roll out the headlines to the whole team, and the visual format allowed this to be done in a punchy, easily understood way.”

Paul Sands, General Manager, Virgin Atlantic, Japan

“The session was profound in its outcome. The maps themselves are very revealing, many illustrating the place of this team within the wider organisation, with bridges that need to be reinforced and new partnerships to be made.”

Andy Stoker a Director at CISCO

“The session gave us time to reflect and plan a map of our vision. The key issues were surprisingly simple, yet had not before been acknowledged. Like most things in life once one has diagnosed the issue it is relatively easy to deal with them”

Dr. Julia Riley, Consultant, Royal Marsden Hospital, London

“I would like to thank you for your incredible contribution to making our event a success. Your journeys and learning’s provided a great link to what we in IBM are also aspiring to achieve. The clarity you gave linking leadership, team contribution, community, self and achievement provided a great framework for our teams as they enter into a period of great challenges and growth.”

Steven Daskalakis, Marketing, IBM Asia

“The feedback from students, teachers and parents was exceptional ...This has since led to our students taking part in the first ever International Territory Mapping Workshop where they joined a global audience and drew their own territory maps. Hearing students as young as eleven articulating their territory map was immensely powerful, and it was at this point that I realised the enormous potential of our collaboration with Anthony.”

Graeme Malcolm Deputy Head (Secondary) Nord Anglia International School Dubai