Funny Girl - Broadway Chris is s currently working on his orchestrations for the Broadway production of the show opening in New York, April 2022.

Sleepless, A Musical Romance - An enchanting new romantic musical comedy based on the original screenplay of the rom-com classic film, Sleepless in Seattle. The show premiered at the newly opened Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre in September 2020 with Chris at the helm as Musical Director. It was the first show to open and safely run during the pandemic and plans to transfer the production are in discussion.

1000 Mediterranean Meals: Every Recipe You Need for the Healthiest Way to Eat

Valentina is delighted to have contributed to this compilation of Mediterranean recipes published by Quarto Books.  She continues to write and style for Quarto Publishing 500 Series  including her most recent  “500 Meal Salads”, “500 Party Foods” “500 Barbeques” and “500 Dutch Recipes”.

Platinum Magazine

She continues to write and style a monthly food feature for this highly regarded lifestyle magazine for confident, bold and fun-loving women over 55.

Italy’s Gastronomic Heart in Association with Harden’s & Kirker Holidays

Valentina is looking forward to hosting this ‘foodie’ tour of Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany (which was scheduled to run in 2020).

The tour of the culinary heartland of Italy will cover Bologna, Florence and Lucca.  Excursions will include visits to Parma and Modena and magnificent art galleries and museums, splendid Renaissance churches and historic Medici palaces and – of course – a series of carefully-planned meals in specially selected local restaurants.

Lorenz Books: ‘The Italian Regional Cookbook’

Valentina’s latest book examines each region with a carefully curated selection of 325 recipes and 1,500 photographs to help achieve an authentic, and completely delicious, end result. An extensive introduction examines in detail the history and traditions of classic Italian cooking, the ingredients and how to prepare and use them. This comprehensive book is a must-have reference for anyone who is passionate about cooking authentic Italian food.

The Darien Breakthrough - 50 years of the Range Rover

2020 marked the 50th anniversary of the production of the Range Rover.

The first major test of this remarkable car was the epic British Trans-Americas Expedition. The aim was to focus attention on the need to complete the Pan-American Highway, at 17000miles, the longest road in the world. 

JBS has prepared a fascinating lecture on this epic expedition.

Bolivian Recce Expedition April 2022

John has been asked to assist the village of Tres Hermanos on the Beni river. There are 17 families here with around 94 people who urgently need their primary school refurbished and a clean water supply put into operation. The expedition will start in La Paz, capital of Bolivia and continue to the world’s highest navigable lakes, the sacred Titicaca (12,675 feet) and the legendary Andean city of Tiahuanaco. Then on to the ancient trading post, Rurrenabaque, the ‘Gateway of the Amazon’ and moving by local canoes to Tres Hermanos to oversee the completion of the work there, examine archaeological sites and use camera traps to study the wildlife. Of particular interest are the reports of a large, aggressive aquatic creature, possibly a type of caimen (alligator) that we shall investigate.

The Mongolian Khan Khentii Expedition June/July 2022

The expedition will be carrying out community aid projects, giving dental and medical help to the local people and performing archaeological, biological and zoological tasks with Mongolian scientists. The scientific studies are organised with the support of the National University by Professor Terbish, who has accompanied the expeditions since 1992.

Travel will be by horse and four wheel drive vehicles. Accommodation will be in tents. At the end of the expedition there will be 2 days in the Khustain Nuruu National Park (West of Ulaanbaatar) studying the Przewalski horses and carrying out zoological research.

Speaking and Lecture Engagements - 2022

Stephen continues to entertain audiences with his highly successful fully illustrated talks which include ‘In the Steps of Eric Shipton’, ‘Ernest Shackleton’ and ‘Everest and Beyond’.

His first talk for 2022 ‘Africa’s 3 Highest Peaks’ is for the RSGS which will be broadcast via the internet. The 30 minute presentation includes a Zoom Q&A session.

Antarctic Peninsula Expedition - 2022

Led by Stephen with a team including several ski mountaineers, a French photographer (on his third Pelagic trip) and an Australian land artist, this expedition is for enthusiasts to climb, ski, sea kayak and watch wildlife on the Pelagic Australis.

If you are interested in taking part in the 2022 expedition, please contact Stephen to reserve a place or visit  


South Georgia Mountaineering Expedition September 2022/ 2023

Stephen has completed seven expedition to South Georgia and has rescheduled the September 2020 expedition for September 2022, assuming that international travel is by then possible. That trip is fully booked, but plans another one for September 2022.

- Musical Director, Orchestrator & Composer

- Chef, Author & Broadcaster

- Explorer, Author & Motivational Speaker

- Mountaineer, Author & Motivational Speaker


Theo’s sixth cookbook ‘Canned’ published in September 2021, looks at quick and easy recipes that get the most out of tinned food.

Steph’s Packed Lunch - C4

Theo is becoming a regular chef on this daytime show, giving him ample time to share his love of cooking and enthusiastic personality!

Recently launched  a new weekly meal planning service created by Theo and his wife. As a cost effective subscription service, each week members receive five easy family friendly recipes with one complete shopping list to download and a live texting service with Theo to help with your meal plans and cooking! Benefits include:

  1. reduce stress of choosing what to cook each night

  2. cut food spend dramatically and only shop once

  3. reduce your food waste

Kenwood Brand Ambassador

Theo is a brand ambassador for Kenwood. He has been a fan of Kenwood’s range of products for a number of years and is thrilled to be part of the Kenwood family.

LIVE cookalong – #KidsCookWithTheo

Theo began LIVE cookalongs at the very start of the UK lockdown to help give kids (and parents) something to do during the Corona Virus isolation period.  Theo says ‘it’s just me, my kids, in my kitchen making a mess, cooking easy simple dinners and trying to have an hour of normality during these surreal times’.

View all previous and upcoming episodes here.

Download the ebook here: ‘Kids Lockdown Cookbook!

- Chef & Author

Anna Nicholas

- Author & Travel Writer

Peacocks in Paradise - Anna’s seventh semi-autobiographical travel title was published in 2021. The book follows Anna as she delves into the island’s authentic heartland, exploring nature reserves, bird sanctuaries and paprika, fruit and almond farms.

Dr Simon Poole

- Nutrition & Lifestyle Expert & Authority on the Mediterranean Diet

The Real Mediterranean Diet -  Simon latest publication “The Real Mediterranean Diet, a guide to achieving the healthiest diet in the world” was published by Cambridge Academic Press in Spring 2021.

He is currently working on another book project with Norwegian author and health expert Carina Hultin Dahlmann.