Lynne Franks, business woman, author, broadcaster and speaker, described by the world's media as a lifestyle guru and visionary has a communication reach that stretches across the world.

She is the founder of SEED – Sustainable Enterprise and Empowerment Dynamics - a provider of women's learning and coaching programmes on economic empowerment, sustainable business practices and creative leadership, as well as a global on and off-line women's support network.

Lynne is regularly featured in and writes for many of the UK’s top publications, as well as frequently appearing in international media, television and radio, speaking on the subjects of social change, consumer patterns, corporate responsibility and women in business.

She started her own public relations company, Lynne Franks PR at the age of twenty-one, which grew to become one of the best known agencies in the world, advising and guiding multi-national businesses and non-profit organisation around the globe.

After twenty years in public relations Lynne gave up her agency in 1992 and became an international spokesperson and facilitator on the changes in today’s and tomorrow’s world - both for the individual as well as society at large.

In 1994, she chaired the UK’s first women’s radio station ‘VIVA!’ presenting her own radio show “Frankly Speaking”. She has authored four books and continues to design and oversee workshops and training programmes that bring her new ideas for women to life.

Lynne has created numerous ventures for women including ‘B.Hive’ - a unique and stylish women’s business lounge and hub, created in collaboration with the Regus Group for women to connect, grow and do business. The B.Hive Group has offices in Manchester and Bristol.